October 31, 2012

Cat on the loose


Since it's Halloween, and everyone is dressed up for the occasion might as well do the same since it's fun and you can see how creative they are, from costumes,make up, and props. Basically, as you can see I choose to play a 'cat', I got this costume last year which my mom bought it for me. She thinks I'm still a kid. (Everybody says I am, with my face and  skinny body, so yeah they'll think that I am still a kid. >.<)
I just happen to wear it this Halloween but too bad I'm working tonight. Never got the chance to see those cute kids trick or treating with their adorable costumes. 

For the record, this is my first time wearing a Halloween costume because we never celebrate it way back where I came from, wish I grew up here in the U.S and got to feel how fun it is but it's never too late to experience it. 

Basically, there's a lot of Halloween costumes you can buy anywhere and this look got my attention, ever since I want to dress up like a cat or play a role of it. I pair it with an old stockings and ripped it using a pair of scissors and just let it ripped by itself to get that 'oomph' look. So I did my make up by myself, I'm not a pro on dressing up for Halloween nor putting any make up on. 
Let me hear your thoughts.


Thanks for reading! 


  1. cool costume... i used to have a cat ears same as yours... love it <3... sad thing only kids here in the pinas can go trick or treat T___T

  2. awww you are so cute!! :--) defenetly best halloween costume in this year!



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