October 25, 2012


Top: Forever21
Blazer: Ross
Pants: Sheinside
Shoes: Nine West (Ross)
Bag: Wholesaleitonline.com

So, today is the day. You know what it is? Yes, it's my birthday but too bad I have work. Well, this day is just like my normal days, I had only like three hours of sleep because my co-workers and I decided to have lunch out for my birthday. I work on graveyard shift, so I'm like a night owl slash zombie. LOL! 

I only had 15 minutes to prepare for our lunch out because I woke up late, so I just throw some pants, shirt, and blazer. Good thing, it matches. I just love how comfortable this pair of heels I'm wearing which I bought from Ross, few weeks ago. This was like my first pair of heels that I can wear without hurting my feet. I like how it matches with my pants. Have you ever noticed that I wear black and white colors nowadays. Hmmm.. Maybe, it goes by the season I think. Today is pretty windy and chilly. Oh! Fall it is.

Thanks for reading! 

Have a great day ahead.


  1. I really love all your clothes! :) How tall are you? Im petite, I think you are too. I'm glad i've found a fashion blogger my height. heheh

  2. i really love your blog.... love the clothes...


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