January 07, 2013


Top: Ross | Coat: Wholesaleitonline.com |Jeggings: MinxApparelSouthwest Pattern Backpack : Forever 21| Skeleton Chain Bracelet: ShopAkira| Shoes: Shoedazzle

Immure means confine; restrict. I've been in such a long hiatus from  posting on my social accounts hence procrastinated for a few weeks. Unmotivated nor uninspired for the past few weeks. Why? I have no idea at all. ( 'Emo' mode ) Well, I know some of you think I'm kind of weird in some way but don't we go through this type of situation time to time? Don't worry, I'm good now, just picking up myself piece by piece. 

This outfit somewhat explains how unmotivated I am. The top I got from Ross is actually backless shirt which is adjustable at the bottom part. I planned to take a photo at the back of the top but it was freezing cold that day, maybe next time.The criss cross jeggings I got from Minx Apparel (An Instagram online shop) they got some pretty cool stuff and awesome styles. I was searching for this kind of jegging for a long time and I was so happy when I found it on Instagram. It was worth the wait. To complete the look, I used the southwest pattern backpack from Forever 21 to add some color and pattern from my so-called 'immured' look. What do you think of this outfit? 


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