April 03, 2013

Vineyard Vanity

Sweater: Forever21 |  Skirt: Hollister | Bag: Wholesaleitonline.com | Shoes: 'Quicken' x Shoedazzle

It was my first time in Napa Valley and I totally fell in love with the place. So what comes first in your mind when you hear the word Napa? I think most of us will answer wine right away. Napa is such a beautiful place filled with wineries and vineyards.

As for the wine and the vineyard itself, my favorite would be Robert Mondavi. I really don't know anything about wine until the start of the tour. It was very informative and at the same time it was fun. I just learned the traditional approach during the wine tasting- see (color) , swirl, smell (aroma) , sip. Smell is the most important contributing element to wine tasting. How? Swirl the wine glass to release its aroma and sniff. Next, sip- paying close attention to its flavors and textures. To fully experience the wine, repeat the process three times.

I didn't plan to wear the tights at all since it was raining that day. I thought the rain will stop before we went to the tour but unfortunately not. Can you tell that I'm wearing my sneaker wedges again? Hehe. Yes, it's basically my go-to shoes recently because you can just pair it with anything.

"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done."- Lucille Ball 


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  1. You are so gorgeous honey! love the wedges~


  2. Love the look! :D

    xx MJ

  3. Super adorable outfit! I've lived in NorCal all my life and I've only been to Napa once (for a wedding). I'm not much of a wine fan, but I'd love to go on a tour one day. I also heard Napa has an amazing shopping outlet! :)

    Nina // lefancygeek.com

  4. very nice and I love your hair :)

  5. I love wine tours they are so much fun! I love this outfit for a tour, you look fantastic!

  6. What a beautiful outfit! Gorgeous pictures as well. :)

  7. totally I'm in love <3 beautiful!

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  8. Aww you're so cute! I am completely in love with floral right now.
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