November 27, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Red Plaid Flannel Shirt: Hollister| Black Cutoffs Shorts: Forever21| Black Combat Boots: Ross|
Cap: DC| Bag: |Belt: Thrifted | Skeleton Ring Bracelet: ShopAkira

Have you watch Breaking Dawn Part II yet? If you're a Twilight fan just like me, better watch it. I just saw it last week and I was teary-eyed, never thought it would struck me that much. Before my mom and I went to the movie house, I decided to take a stroll at the park and took some photos. Yes, my mom took all the photos above while we were at the park, sorry for the out of focus, she doesn't know how to work with the DSLR camera. It was time for another mother-daughter bonding, so after that we went shopping and ran some errands.

I think a flannel shirt is a must have on your wardrobe. It's the coziest of all clothing. It creates a casual yet cute fall attire. Personally, I like wearing this shirt, it gives you a cool country chic style or you can go for a grunge chic look which is my kind of style. See it here. In case you haven't notice, I wear this combat boots a lot on my outfit posts. It's my first pair  of combat boots for a really good deal, it was just $16 when I bought it. 




  2. I like the Cap :)
    You look so pretty with that Flannel shirt..

  3. Hi Faye! It's been about two months since you've been blogging, but I really like your it! Your outfits are cute, and there are a lot of pieces that I wish I owned myself. I wanted a red flannel too but I think I've shopped enough, hee.

    I've only watched two Twilight movies, but my sister says Breaking Dawn pt 2 was pretty good even though she's not a fan! Looking forward to see more of your posts! <3

    - Angel

  4. Absolutely love the skeleton bracelet, I just ordered a similar one myself and I can't wait to style it.


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