December 10, 2012

Someday's Lovin'

Oversized Button up Shirt: Sears | Someday's Lovin' Love Unchanged Hot Pants: ShopAkira |
Connector Rings: Forever21 | Bracelets: JCPenney

After a long personal hiatus, I'm back on track loves.  Here's another chill, laid back outfit. My apology for the lack of interesting posts, it's just that this rainy season affects my mood these days. Feeling restless after a long week of work. During rainy season, some of us feel sentimental in a way, having peaceful thoughts, makes you relaxed, hence  it's called a cuddle weather for some.  

I know it's almost winter but I just couldn't wait for summer to wear my favorite pair of shorts and tank tops. I really like the print of this hot pants from ShopAkira, not to mention the label itself, Someday's Lovin' which best describes the rainy weather. 

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